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There are many things that are assumed when it comes to a GED...

Hello all, I created this site because I earned my GED. I faced many obstacles and adversity because of this. Many people assumed that since I was pursuing a GED instead of a High School Diploma, that I would not make anything of myself. Have you felt this way before? Do you or are you pursuing a GED? Are you being looked down upon because of your decision? Has someone told you that you won't get into college with a GED? Or that you won't even find a job?


Well lets prove them wrong!

I received my GED at 17 years old, I enrolled in college at 17 years old! I began a program, which many colleges have, where I do two years earning an Associates Degree. The college is partnered with many Universities around the state which allows immediate acceptance into a 4 year University. I did it and so can you. Don't limit yourself just because you have a GED.  Think of it as " I am smarter that your average, I did not waste time working my butt off in high school just to get into a University. Yea I took an extra step, but I am exactly in the same boat as the High School graduate, except I am less stressed!".

I will open heartily guide you through the steps of obtaining your GED, Enrolling in a college, Filling out a FAFSA and Planning your career! Are you ready?